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Coming Eventually


Infrared is back! After months of chasing Ultraviolet and never catching her, a new adventure finds Infrared exploring a world remarkably similar to her own, with a few key differences. 


After escaping the darkness of Sheol and returning to Elohim's grace, Gabriel and Lacey realize there is more adventure to come. Descend with them to the depths of Gehenna as they fight to stay alive, and to save Paradise from complete and utter destruction. 



Originally I copied my author bio from the back of my books to this section, but it was stiff and boring. Also, it was third person which did not fit the rest of my site. So, I present:


1. MY HUSBAND- Obviously, or I wouldn't have married him. We've been together nearly 10 years now and have had quite a few adventures, both good and bad. I don't know what I'd do without him. We balance each other. I am fiery, hot-headed, and impulsive while he is chill, calm, and quiet.

2. MAYONNAISE- I am referring to my cat, not the condiment. I have five cats and of course I love them all, but Mayo is special. He is my soul cat, and came to me in my dreams before I ever met him. We have a bond that I've never had with another being before. Love between an animal and a human is, in my opinion, the purest love. It is truly unconditional. 

3. MY FRIENDS- Some have been with me since elementary school, some were picked up along the way, but all are so important to me. They are there for me whenever I need them, be it advice, support, or just good times. My friends are my real family. They always have been, especially now that I have left my birth family for good. 

4. NEW ENGLAND- This is home and always will be. I love the cold grey rocky beaches, the fiery fall foliage, the atmosphere, the history... This is where I am meant to be. Favorite place: Salem, MA.

5. MUSIC- Everyone says this, but music is my life. Be it listening or making my own, life would be hollow without it. Singing is self-care for me. Songwriting is what my poetry always wished it could be. Playing my ukulele fills me with such a wild joy, something I don't often experience. Music ignites the soul. Favorite genre: EDM. Favorite artist: Avicii.

6. WRITING- Of course this had to make the list. What kind of writer would I be if I didn't truly love the craft? I've been writing since I was four years old. My first story was about a dog that wrecked a house and everyone got mad at him. I didn't know the word for "gasp" at the time, so I wrote "Hhhhhhhhhh!!!!" instead. Writing is my passion, my therapy, and my purpose. 

7. HORROR- Gosh, I just love to be scared. It is such a rush. Chills throughout my whole body, paranoia that someone or something is lurking in the shadows when I'm not looking, shuddering in disgust- it's what I live for. Fear makes me feel alive! Favorite horror movies: Silence of the Lambs, Event Horizon, and The Thing (1982).


8. SELTZER- If I was a dragon, this is what I would hoard. I cut out soda years ago and switched to seltzer. It is an acquired taste at first, but I'm obsessed. Bubbles make everything better. Favorite flavor: Polar Starfruit Lemonade. Although Target makes a great Pomegranate Dragonfruit. 


9. DRIVING- It came so naturally to me when I first started and it was my first real taste of freedom. My parents wouldn't let me learn until I started working closing shifts at my grocery cashier job when I was 18. They soon realized they were not fans of picking me up at 11:30 PM. Nothing beats the high I get when I'm driving fast and playing my favorite songs. I miss roadtripping. 


10. GAMING- Games of all kinds: video, board, tabletop RPG, and more. I was introduced to both Skyrim and D&D in 2011 and that catapulted me into myriads of new worlds. I've done 5000+ hours in Skyrim alone. Favorite video game: Grounded. Favorite D&D class: bard or druid.     

Coming Soon

About the Works

"The Mountain"

Originally, this story was taken from a writing prompt I found on reddit. I changed a bit about the story, of course, and made it my own. I loved the idea of a mountain where people did not age, but I sat on the prompt for a long time before I began writing. I also managed to scare myself with my own monsters when I was rereading the story in the dead of the night. 

"The Escape" 

Spoiler alert! 

I used to work in a nursing home with Alzheimer's and dementia patients, and quite often, I found myself wondering what it was like to be in their heads. It was always upsetting when there was a patient elopement. It seemed like they lived in their own worlds, and didn't understand that they couldn't just leave the premises. 

"Of Sound Mind" 

I myself suffer from misophonia, so this story was a bit cathartic to write. As a child, before I discovered the name of this neurological disorder, I used to think I was cursed or possessed by a demon. I often daydreamed of having a superpower or the ability to heal myself. Like Paige in the story, I also had a stepfather who treated everyone in the family terribly. Writing = therapy, guys! 

"When the Ball Drops" 

There isn't really much of a story behind this one. A friend asked me to join in a holiday compilation, and as I am not a fan of Christmas, I thought I would write a New Year's story instead. The twist at the end? Sometimes, people are jerks. That's all I can say. 


This story was a fun one. I came up with the idea for a magical shop that sells all manner of items made to inflict chaos upon the world, the owner of which is an agent of chaos herself. I got to thinking, what kind of mischief could I get up to if I were her? And Doorways was born. 

"The Book of Gabriel" 

I've always been fascinated by the occult, by Heaven and Hell, and angels in particular, so much so that I began to see them in my dreams. An angel called Gabriel would come to me and fight for me in the dreams. The dreams have long since passed, but the idea remained, and so the Book of Gabriel came to be. 

"Folie a Deux" 

All my life, I've been intensely interested in twins. I was friends with three separate sets of twins, and my middle school had at least seven sets, if not more. I always wished I had a twin, and recently I learned that I was supposed to have one but she died in the womb. There has always been a part of me that felt like something was missing, that I wasn't whole, and when I learned of my twin, everything clicked into place. I've always wanted to write a twin story, and in fact, this may not be my only one! This story kind of got away from me a little as I went down the Wikipedia rabbit hole about glossolalia and twinspeak. 

"Infrared and Ultraviolet" 

I have wanted to write a superhero story for a while now. As a kid, I wrote a lot of stories where my friends and I developed cool abilities and used them to fight evil. But this time, I wanted my hero to be less heroic and more of a real-life person. As for Ultraviolet, she was a difficult character to develop. I wanted her to be realistic too, for her to have her own real-life issues and flaws, just like Infrared. In the real world, there is no person who is wholly good or evil and I wanted my characters to reflect that. 

About the Works


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